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Dog Food 

At 81 Feed and Seed we carry a variety of dog foods to accommodate all ages, breeds, sizes,  and purposes. Please call ahead for availability. 

Diamond Naturals Beef & Rice
Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice
Diamond Naturals Salmon & Potato
Diamond Naturals All Stages
Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice
Diamond High Energy
Diamond Maintenance
Diamond Puppy
Diamond Premium Adult
Victor High Energy
Victor Beef & Rice
Victor Professional
Victor Chicken & Rice
Victor Hi-Pro Plus
Victor Performance
Safe-Guard Paste
Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley
Patriot Quick Performance
Patriot Performance
Senior Glo
Power Glo
Grostrong Ultra-Fiber
Grostrong Mineral
Diamond Naturals Beef Dinner Can
Victor Chicken & Vegetable Can
Victor Chicken & Rice Can
Shawnee Supreme
Proud Paws Performance
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